Raytheon Texan 2


I noticed that four Raytheon Texans are leaving Toronto for Quebec City and on their way to Goose Bay.

Does anybody know what their final destination is? In the past a couple of planes were sold to Israel.

I’ll try to go out and take pictures today.

Update :

The planes were purchased by the Royal Moroccan Air Force. Here is a picture of one of them landing in Quebec City :

flightaware.com/photos/view/7747 … ate/page/1

Update 18th January : The four Texans left Goose Bay on their way to Narsarsuaq (BGBW / UAK) Greenland.


Steve Geronazzo
Quebec City


The four T-6C Texan II’s were enroute to Marrakech, Morroco.

The Royal Moroccan Air Force is the launch customer for the T-6C and these are the first of 24 aircraft on order.

Here are the four aircraft you saw;

01/TA c/n PM-1
02/TB c/n PM-2
03/TC c/n PM-3
04/TD c/n PM-4