Military Moving Aircraft


Even though they wont show on Flightaware all the bases along the Gulf Coast are evacing their aircraft further inland in my area alone heard 25 TH-57,22 T-34C,5 C-5 And 5 C-17s,along with 7 MC-130s and 5 C-130H so far,i expect to hear them at least for the next 8 hours or so.


In the past, a lot of the bases flew into Dobbins (KMGE), but they have the runway under construction, so they are headed elsewhere. VAW77 (E-2C) just officially moved to KNBG, so I guess they are headed north as well!


when i was stationed at CBM, we’d get a few planes whenever a storm was approaching the gulf or SE coast.


Huntsville International ended up with one of the Helicopter squadrons from Nas Whiting and one of the others went to Millington Tn the old navy base there and at least some of the T-34s went to Smyrna just outside Nashville.The C-17s were evacuing people from New orleans and landed at Nashville and bused to other areas,like North Alabama,Knoxville And Chattanooga.


There’s been a lot of An-124’s to McChord (KTCM) this week, 10 by my count:

Mote than I’ve ever seen there before, they arrived from all over and all seemed to be heading to Rammstein via Goose Bay or Gander.