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Range decrease | Receiver GPS

Just installed a replacement antenna for a hosted FlightFeeder site. The original antenna got moisture and was replaced by a brand new one, along with the brand new cable that came with the replacement antenna.

The N connector was installed with self fusing tape, from the flange all the way to the cable and the back to the flange. On top of it electrical tape was applied, the same fashion. Antenna is mounted on a 8 ft pole mounted atop the roof.

At first the receiver was working flawlessly but from 3 days it’s range has degraded a ton. I also noticed that Flight Radar 24 F-SBFI2 receiver also had it’s range decreased. I suspect that there may be any interference or something that may be fooling both receivers AGCs. FR24 antenna did not need to be touched.

I also noticed that FlightFeeder GPS tag is orange and whenever I hover the mouse over it the message “Receiver more than 45ns from GPS time”. I have powered off and on the receiver with no improvements on that.

Any ideas on both issues ?


Maybe the old antenna was never the problem at all.

You probably disconnected the power when you switched antennas though.
Can you try switching it off for a minute and powering it back on?

Maybe it was a power supply problem all along.

I have already but I will do it again.

What amazes me is that both FlightFeeder and FlightRadar24’s receiver lost range.

You could unplug one after the other.

If one were to regain range without the other you would have found the culprit.

It is very curious that the new antenna “fixed” it for 3 days.
Really trying to imagine a scenario how that might happen.

What else did you do when you installed the new antenna?
Are the antenna grounds connected together? Maybe that would help.
(Antenna ground is for example the outer part of the connector of the antenna cable. And i meant connecting those grounds near the the receivers, not up on the mast.)