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Radarcape with combine1090 - MLAT ports

HI, I have posted this query in the Radarcape yahoo group, with no answer yet.

I have successfully, sort of, set up a combine1090 using my Radarcape as the data feed over my LAN to an Odroid XU4. Pulling the normal data from the Radacape feeding Flightaware via the XU4 but I am missing the Radarcape MLAT port/s in the combine1090 confg, as the XU4 is not transmitting any MLAT data to Flightaware.

I know the Radarcape is transmitting MLAT data to Flightaware as the Flightaware id for the Radarcape, set up via Radarcape, is showing MLAT detection’s. Any boffins off the top of the head, know the Radarcape MLAT ports I need to config in the combine1090 config file??? I am at a loss to work out via my Radarcape data, which port that might be. :slight_smile:

On the radarcape check:
sudo piaware-config -showall 2>&1 | grep mlat-results-format

If it has this: beast,listen,30105
Then you can just add port 30105, and the RPi will display the FA mlat results.

You aren’t running piaware on the Odroid, are you?
Because you can remove it if you are feeding via the Radarcape anyway.

Not near the Radarcape at the mom, so I will try that. If it shows beast,listen,something else, add that port??

Yes I am running Piaware on the XU4. Your comment noted but I do like the handy link in Flightaware to control your unit IE: rebooting, turning on and off 1090 and Piaware etc. And you need Piaware for that feature??

Still makes no sense to feed the same data twice.
You could also deactivate the piaware feeder on the radarcape.
Then you don’t need to forward MLAT data.
You just precisely set the location of the antenna and the piaware on the XU4 will do MLAT and supply you results.

Actually that’s probably what i would suggest.