RA-85588 Tu-154B catches fire while taxiing - 3 dead


A Kolavia Tupolev TU-154B2, registration RA-85588 performing flight 7K-348 from Surgut to Moscow Domodedovo (Russia) with 116 passengers and 8 crew, was preparing for takeoff from Surgut when an engine (NK-8 ) caught fire. The crew could not extinguish the fire which spread into the fuselage. January 01/2011 News Video


Wow. That first picture shows a set of stairs at the plane. I guess when they copied the 727, they forgot the slides?


The TU-154 has sldies.
pprune.org/rumours-news/4266 … omi-2.html (near bottom has a reference to slides)


Some Russian-built aircraft like the Tupolev Tu-154 have a very complicated process to activate and deploy the slides. The slides are stored in cabinets usually beside the emergency exit inside the aircraft. There are usually about the same width and height as a seat. To activate the slide, one must pull the front cover to a 90 degree angle, then pull the slide out so it is lying flat on the floor or door sill, open the emergency exit and kick or push it out. Gravity will then pull the slide to the ground and it will inflate.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please remain seated until the aircraft comes to a complete stop and we figure out how to get the slides deployed.” :open_mouth:


And someone in maintenance hasn’t sold them to a competing airline.


Another TU-154 fire… color me surprised.



What amazes me is that for a fire that started on an aircraft on the ground, that it fully engulfed the aircraft. I don’t know anything about that particular airport, or Russian ARFF regulations, but I would have thought the airport fire department would have had a quick response time and been able to control the fire a little better. Perhaps there was a delay in the pilot reporting the problem, or in the evacuation process which can delay the fire attack.