TU-154B spotter films out of control TU-154B jetliner . . .


Aeroflot TU-154B operated by Russian Military - aircraft departs Moscow’s Chkalovskiy Airport - aircraft develops severe oscillations - however pilot is able to unbelievably get it back on the ground.

Chkalovskiy Airport and RT News.

Video One departure

Video Two in flight

Video Three landing


Chyort voz’mi!

I fully expected to see a ball of flame erupt soon after it descended behind that woodline.

Any word on a cause?


buy those boys a vodka.


I think we’re going to learn alot about the flight control system on this bird when we read the report (if we can get it).

Unless… Flyboy answered an ad for a weekend G-IV type rating course and this was his checkride. I nominate Porter to break the news to him that Gulfstreams have 2 engines, no navigator, no flight engineer and he won’t be getting a refund.


lol. and only six tires.

I noticed the gear was down, on purpose or hydraulic failure…???


Cleared to land . . .


VERY scary!!! :open_mouth:


Thats a good landing for me!! :open_mouth: :smiley:



The plane had not been flown for up to 10 years, and it was apparently being flown to a repair centre from Chkalovsky airfield near Moscow, on 29 April.