N404CP Cessna Titan gear up landing filmed from inside!!!!

N404CP Cessna Titan location unknown Dec 14/2010

Click Here for video.

From YouTube poster;

‘This video was shot on Dec 14th after a hydraulic line failure in our 404 Titan forced us to make an emergency landing with the gear up. The emergency blow down bottle had a valve malfunction as well so there was no option available from that point on other than to find a place to sit it down. At the end of the slide down the runway there was a small fire on-board which I extinguished before exiting the aircraft with my crew member closely on my six . I’d like to send my thanks out to my crew member, the engineers in Wichita and to the ground crew mechanics at Mountain Home Airport in Arkansas for their assistance in relaying the communications with the engineers at Cessna, and for their mechanical knowledge that they shared with us during this unusual situation we found ourselves in.’

That was a pretty nice job setting it down. I was surprised to see the fire enter the cabin area though. This video is definitely going into my training collection for ARFF.

Ahh - Occurred at Ozark Regional Airport, Arkansas.


The fire entered the cabin area through the camera/sensor port.
It was probably a cloth baffle or Plexi glass around the port the lit off.
This is a remote sensing aircraft for photo, LIDAR or similar work.

Here is another one in a Yak 50 after the engine seizes. This is a “helmet cam” view.