Quick question on "Daily collection graphs" data

Morning all,

Have PiAware running quite succesfully (c150nm range), with an average 998 flights and 43,675 reports over the last last 3 days.

On the Daily Collection Graphs section, the second graph shows

Reports Received
ADS-B Reports Received

The “Reports receieved” is c30% higher than “ADSB reports received”.

Question is, if those 30% arent adsb reports, what are they?

Just curious… :wink:

They are reports from aircraft that are Mode S equipped, which generally provides identity / callsign / squawk / altitude in response to secondary radar interrogations, but doesn’t spontaneously emit the position or speed information that’s contained in the ADS-B extended squitter messages.

They’re the “positionless” flights on your receiver’s local map table.

Interesting… thanks Obj.

Must say I’m rather enjoying this ADSB lark!

My angle of interest is the tech / pushing the limit - in fact the whole point of my doing this was to:

a)Play with an RPi
b)Play with Linux
c)access the “mysterious signals in the ether”
d)make something cool with a bit of wire and a £20 board

So far, so good! :slight_smile:

Thanks to all at FA and the great community for the support and providing the service etc really supportive and no “anti-noob” elitist vibe which you can get in some places.