Fairly new here as a member and was wondering if you have to be a member for a specified time before being able to post photos? Every time I click the “Upload Photos” button, it only shows the TOC. If I hit the refresh button the upload area shows briefly until the page finishes loading then disappears.

Am I doing something wrong??


Edited to add: I did do a search without finding any results along the lines of my question.

Are you attempting to upload a photo to a post here in the Forums or upload a photo to the photos archive?

If the former you need to upload the photos to one of the online hosts such as Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook, Picasa, etc. You would then post the URL for the subject photo in your message in the Forums surrounded by IMG brackets by clicking on the button that will be visible when you’re editing your post.

If the latter you need only go here and upload your photos to the server.

Upload to the photos archive. I can get to the part you provided a link to, when I click Upload it goes to the screen to upload but doesn’t show the upload button, it disappears when the page completes loading.

:confused: :confused: I dunno, maybe an ooption that needs clicking in the computer menus somewhere?

PC or MAC? What OS? What browser?

PC Vista Home Premium IE6

Got Java installed?

Does the blue browse button not show up at all?

The Photo Uploader has been tested and works with IE6, so we’ll need to dig a little deeper to figure out the problem.

You might want to try upgrading your browser (to IE7) and/or Flash player. Or simply try Firefox. I want to figure out why it’s not working for you as it should, but if a change in browser or an upgrade works for you, it will give us a clue as to what is going wrong.

I’m also curious to know what version of Flash you have installed. Here’s a link that will tell you: … d=tn_15507

For example mine is “WIN 10,0,22,87”

And here a link to upgrade your Flash player: … kwaveFlash

Correct, the blue browse button along with the box above it doesn’t show.

To answer the other question, maybe I have IE7 because I’ve tried to download that Adobe Flash and it says it is not supported by 64 bit systems.

OTOH, it won’t show me the browse button on my computer at work either now that I think about it and that is XP with IE 5 or maybe 6.

I’m heading to the MS IE add-on site and se if there is a fix and maybe that’ll help the problem with Flash.