Question(s) for Pilots


Sidestick or Yoke?

How hard is it for you “older” pilots to transition?

I would think the younger gen flyers would love it like a video game with wings.

Any thoughts? TIA


Either one :slight_smile: but side stick does put things at “fingertip control”

Took me all of five minutes when I test flew a Cirrus, so transitioning really isn’t that big a deal.

Your last sentence pretty much summed it up for me when I flew the Cirrus. Only thing missing was a start, shut down and restart should I have messed up :smiley:


fly by wire sidesticks may be new but sticks have been around for a few years. Odds are most “older” pilots have a fair amount of stick time already.


Ja, mein Fokker Dr.I hat ein stick! :laughing:


Honestly, the side stick really feels more natural and intuitive then the yoke. Plus, it gives you a little more space.


I’ve flown yoke, stick, a little side stick. It doesn’t matter a flight or two and it’s easy. not much different than swapping left & right seats.


If one is a natural righty, it will be easier to fly side stick from the right seat. As for swapping seats, I would think side stick would be the toughest of the three to get the feel of. I’m no pilot, but when I try to sim lefty, things don’t go to well.



Usually after your first flying lesson this becomes a non-issue. In a conventional plane like a Cessna or Piper, you learn pretty fast to keep your left hand on the yoke and right hand on the throttle.


Just like everything in flying…or any activity for that matter…you adapt.



Kinda like a car. I broke in on a manual so I steer left handed now regardless of the transmission.


What Cirrus did with the sidestick is really nothing “new” When you fly with a Yoke you only use half of it anyway! All Cirrus did was take away the half you didnt use.

VERY VERY VERY easy transition


Doesn’t the Cirrus have a side yoke. Not a side stick?


Define difference between

Side Stick
side Yoke

judge for yourself


What does that link have to do with a yoke/stick. It took me a while to search around the cirrus site to even find mention of one or the other. The only thing i found was the bottom of this page. They call it a side yoke, but don’t define what that is.

I know what the difference is, and I know there are plenty of sites that will also describe the difference, even elsewhere on this forum, but the link you provided is a little vague.


What is the difference?

Took a gander at and my WAG is it sounds like the PTT location may make a difference between yoke vs stick?

Yoke has PTT vs stick which does not. Also, stick is smoother to operate based on the above?

Because Cirrus has the PTT on the control unit, I would have called it a side yoke myself.


I would think Cirrus would have their own name like… Master Control Unit.


Yes, sort of like Southwest calling their hubs ‘not-hubs’ so they can be different (sorry, couldn’t resist).


If I ran an airline, I wouldn’t have hubs, either.
They would be called “Airports interrupting point-to-point service where there are lots of passenger transfers.”


I like that. Not to mention any airlines by name but that’s a good reason to fly certain airline(s). :slight_smile: Couldn’t resist myself, either.


here we go again… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: