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Question for school project

Hi !

I wanted to know if there was a possibilty to extract the data received on my ads-b receiver to use them in a program on python ?
I would need to use especially the wind, pressure and altitude data

Feed https://www.adsbexchange.com in addition to FA (if you don’t yet). Then ask them for data API key. Should be free if it is for school.

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Look at https://github.com/junzis/pyModeS


I’d recommend just reading the /run/dump1090-fa/aircraft.json

It won’t have wind data, they usually need to be inferred.
This only works if the ATC in your area queries for TAS so you can use that together with ground speed, magnetic declination you look up and the magnetic heading compared to the ground track to determine the wind.

My readsb branch does those calculations and puts the results in the aircraft.json, i think the calculations are correct but i’m not sure if anyone has checked it exactly:

You can check the difference between geometric and pressure altitude (baro_alt) to get some of the data, but that will obviously need conversion to pressure.

Hey !
First of all, thank you for your answer ! We are not very familiar with the raspberry, but we finally succeeded to access to the data thanks to your help. Now we want to try to build program in python to use this data, but we think we will eventually need more help for our project, as we are very new to this field. Would you open to some further question ?

Thanks again for your help !

Probably not, but this is a forum so i’d recommend just asking and hoping someone will answer.