Question about New Mexico Airlines

A regional airline, New Mexico Airlines, was supposed to start service on July 1st. I looked on flightaware to see if I could find any flights and theres nothing. So whats the problem? The airports they are flying to are Hobbs (KHOB), Carlsbad (KCNM) Albuquerque (KABQ) and Santa Fe (KSAF).

Thanks in advance

Appears they are flying C208 but I don’t see any going between those cities yet.

Thats the problem. Where are they? Are they flying VFR perhaps?

They apparently only have two Caravans. Maybe they just didn’t sell any tickets. They are owned by Pacific Wings which fly Caravan’s around Hawaii. They seem to be filing IFR for those flights.

They might have had a delay in getting started. My guess is they are providing essential air service with help from Uncle Sam.

They definetly sold tickets, if you try to book from Santa Fe to Albuquerque it shows there are no more seats.

They’re aren’t any tickets available for that route until Aug. 2nd. Which leads me to believe that they aren’t selling tickets yet for that route, or they’re already booked for the next month.

Please! Be more specific in your subject heading. “Question” doesn’t mean anything. “Quesiton on New Mexico Airlines” does mean something.

As mentioned, it appears that New Mexico Airlines is operated by Pacific Wings. Check every once in a while to see if you can find any (not just New Mexico) flights operated by Pacific Wings.

I would guess their startup was delayed. If they are flying part 121/125/135 they would definitely be filing IFR.

Seems like they would update their website though. Perhaps some brave sole should call them up and ask them! :question:

Unless they received special permission, as in the case of Skybus, they are not allowed to sell tickets until they actually start operations. I haven’t seen any docket that authorized them to sell tickets early so they are probably operating flights.

Operating a 9 seat aircraft means that the seats sell out fast so it doesn’t surprise that no seats are available.

Dami, can you please give them a call then post the audio for all to enjoy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s considered polite to use a descriptive title… otherwise we might have 10 threads named “question” and it would be hard to tell them apart.

Thats all he had to say.

Won’t call but will give the docket number so that people can look up the process that a carrier goes through in order to get EAS (Essential Air Service) authority.

Go to and enter 12802 for the docket number.

cool, thanks

Interesting to note is that there is no C208 traffic at any of their route cities (other than Martinaire, the part 135 freight hauler). You would think they would be doing practice runs if service was imminent.

Air Midwest currently flies some of the proposed routes (AMW422-425) with a B1900… probably also on EAS.

They want out of it so New Mexico Airlines is taking over the route.

Yah and Roswell being one of them. American Eagle is moving into Roswell September 5th. IMO I predict that more people will want to connect to DFW than ABQ, so that may be AMW’s downfall in that part on New Mexico