Query - delayed flights only


Hello Developers,

can i start a query that just gives me all flights that arrived delayed more than 180 minutes?
Is such a query possible? or will i have to collect all data for all flights and than search the data for this?

Thanks for helping me


Unfortunately, it’s not really possible to filter just delayed flights with FlightXML. As you point out, you can do queries to retrieve lists of flights and then compare the actual times with the filed times.

If you’re planning a data analysis project for a specific time period, it might be easier to contact our team for a custom data report that would calculate the amounts or trend information that you are interested in. flightaware.com/commercial/customreports/


hello bovineone,

thank you very much for answering my question.
if I got your answer correctly,

i will have to buy commercial data form customer support for historical data, and all actual data i will have to collect from API by myself,

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If you have no need for live information, then all of your data requirements might be handled with custom reports (for example, requesting a new report on a monthly basis). Keep in mind that the custom report can be designed to give you the summarized outcome you are looking for, rather than just all of the raw data, which would save you tremendous processing time. For example, reporting that Boston has a 25% increase in flight delays for January in one year than the previous year.