Qantas Jet's Tires "Damaged" on Landing

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A Qantas A380 superjumbo jet damaged two tires on landing in Sydney after a flight from Singapore, a spokeswoman said on Thursday.

The **244 people **aboard…

The fault comes a day after a Qantas 747 jumbo with 414 people aboard bound for Singapore was forced to turn back to Sydney…

Why does the A380 only have 59% of the number of pax as the 747??? :confused:

I thought the exact same thing! :laughing:

QF32 flies from Heathrow to Sydney via Singapore. Most pax probably alighted at Singapore.

Now being described as a “braking problem” - … -ribw.html

Where does it say there were 244 passengers on the A380 and 414 on the 747? Unless QF has eliminated the superfluous pilots and flight attendants, the figures quote include passengers AND crew.

Passgenger loads between many city pairs are highly directional on a daily/weekly basis. The A380 was flying FROM Singapore while the 747 was heading TO Singapore. Are you positive there’s enough passengers each day for all seats on the A380 to be filled going both directions.

Another thing to consider is aircraft availability. Did the A380 have a mechanical issue at Singapore and most passengers were put onto other flight(s)?

Where did the A380 originate? QF operates the A380 from LHR to SIN to SYD. Who’s to say the flight wasn’t full between LHR and SIN?

Most people on this board, are also passenger-centric. That A380 only had 244 people on board may have had 100% load factor when it came to cargo.

Finally, according to SeatGuru, there are 3 layouts for the 747-400 operated by Qantas. Two of them have less than 400 seats. The other one - operated in business and economy classes only - seats 412 passengers.

I thought that more people prefer Boeing planes over Airbus. But you offer new insight. Half the people who fly to Singapore never come back! :smiling_imp:

This newscast shows the in-flight video, forward to 1:01. … 08456.html


Once again, where does it say there was 244 and 414 passengers?

The A380, in QF configuration, holds 450 passengers. At 1 flight attendant per 50 seats , there are at least 9 flight attendants aboard, regardless if there is 1 or 450 passengers. There’s probably more than 9 just because the flight attendant to passenger ratio is higher in first class and business class than it is in cattle class.

The A380 requires 2 pilots. Considering the length of the route, there may be 3 or 4 pilots aboard.

So, taking the minimums above of 9 flight attendants plus 2 pilots, I say there was NOT 244 passengers aboard the aircraft. There was no more than 233 (244 less 11). In other words, you cannot say that the phrase “(t)he 244 people aboard …” indicates 244 passengers.

Don’t make me go through this logic with the 747. No, honestly, please don’t make me do it. I got off of my deathbed just to make this point.

Can’t believe it… Another quote messed up. I’m calling the congress, maybe they can do something about it? :laughing:

414 people on a B744 seems high.

Edit: Oh, they have a high density 2 class config that seats 412 passengers.


Oh, okay - people vs. pax. Do you really think that the extra two or three stews on the A380 are gonna skew the numbers THAT MUCH??? After figuring out exactly how many PASSENGERS were on each flight, the numbers are still gonna come out to 58-59% :unamused: