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Qantas airlines A380 diverted to small airport?

just looking around at LAX on here and on the arrivals part there was a Qantas A380 landing from Sydney and looked that planes flight history within last few days and it says it got diverted to San Carlos, CA. I’m not sure if that was a mistake or really landed at San Carlos. And it says that San Carlos airport is 2600’ feet and thought A380s landing distance is about 8,000 feet. Its says its Qantas 11.

flightaware.com/live/flight/QFA1 … /YSSY/KSQL

The track sure looks like it went to LAX. I would guess bad data.

Interesting the code for San Carlos is SQL. There’s a coding / data joke there somewhere.

I’m sure CNN would have been all over this along with pictures of it buried up to the axle’s. Heck, it’s not even April 1 yet.

Nope, I used to think this as well, but it’s just a coincidence that Oracle built their headquarters right next to KSQL, Oracle had no influence over it.

It’s next door to Oracle Corporation. Maybe Larry Ellison’s influence. Structured Query Language.
It’s a relational thing, I guess.

Interesting the code for Los Angeles is LAX, and the Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plant is right next to it… There’s a coding / data joke there somewhere.

From Wikipedia:

Given its proximity to the headquarters of the Oracle Corporation, a maker of database software, some have speculated that the airport code of SQL is a humorous reference to this large neighbor; in databases, SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is just a coincidence, though one that many technically inclined residents of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley were sure to notice. The airport was given this code well before June 16, 1977, the date of incorporation of Software Development Laboratories which later became the Oracle corporation.