Qantas & Affect on Oneworld With The Partnership of Emirates


With Qantas beginning to build a partnership with Emirates, what is the affect Qantas will have with Oneworld? I think it will have a big affect with British Airways, and maybe little with American Airlines, and Cathay Pacific because they are all the founding members.

What do you all think? Will there be a big impact with Oneworld? Do you think Qantas might leave Oneworld?


I don’t imagine that this alliance will actually carry that much traffic or will cause much shift in share. Most of the traffic it will carry are Australia-Middle East pax and some Australia-Europe pax. I imagine that most of the pax that could fly QF or BA to their destinations will continue to fly those airlines and the pax that will take advantage of this are ones going to places that QF and BA don’t fly to. There also may be some effect on Cathay as some pax may go Australia-DXB-India instead of Australia-HKG-India (as both are somewhat equally out of the way). I don’t see it having any impact on AA. Flying US-Australia via anywhere other than HNL is INCREDIBLY out of the way.