Push Notification Question


Apologies if this may have been asked before but I wasn’t able to find the answer so I’m asking - How are Push notifications authenticated on our end? I am not a developer but am doing research for a project.


If you want extra authentication, you can call RegisterAlertEndpoint with a URL that embeds a username and password by using the format “https://username:password@hostname/path” and FlightAware will send that authentication information when it delivers the request.

Alternatively, you can use a server configuration to simply limit access to the endpoint to the IP address blocks used by the FlightAware servers.


what is hostname and path in your answer?
Does it mean that I can register the following format:

How the authentication info will be sent? Which HTTP header or parameter in body?


Registering a “https://username:password@mydomain.com/alert” style endpoint will result in basic authorization being send in the HTTP header.