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Push notification about delayed departure

Hi, let’s say a flight scheduled for 10:00 had its departure time postponed to 11:20 and the api sent me a push notification of change on that flight before departure (eventcode = change).

What fields should I look at to detect a delay? filed_departuretime? actualdeparturetime?

I read the documentation available at https://pt.flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/faq.rvt#findstatus but I couldn’t get an answer to my question, and the flights I registered to test didn’t have this kind of change so I could handle this change in the flight departure datetime.

Before departure you will want to compare filed_departuretime and the estimated departure time to observe how large the anticipated delay is. After departure comparing filed_departuretime and actualdeparturetime can let you know how large the actual delay was.

The filed_departuretime represents the originally scheduled departure time and is unchanging for the life of the flight. If there is no estimateddeparturetime field present then it can be calculated using the instructions in the FAQ link.

Thanks for the information!