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Purpose of HDMI port on Flight Feeder 7.9.2

I have recently joined the FlightAware community by installing my flight Feeder version 7.9.2.
After un-boxing the package, my first doubt was about the purpose of the HDMI port provided on the flight feeder.

After hooking up the antenna and powering the feeder, i tried connecting my Television set to the feeder, using an HDMI cable. I got a message “video mode not supported” on the TV screen

Later I got mail that my feeder was active and transmitting data to FligtAware in which I found a local link, to see planes tracked by my feeder, using a standard browser on my home PC, connected to my LAN.

I would be glad if any could tell me if I can put that HDMI port to any use.

Thanks in advance

Sabu Alex

That’s probably by intent.

You didn’t say what FlightFeeder box did you received, they have different models, based on geographical region. On the orange ones, you have a small display included with the FlightFeeder, and that’s the resolution provided (that’s not supported by the TV).

The HDMI port outputs a simple status screen containing similar information to what’s shown on the touchscreen. It uses a fixed mode of 1024x768, 60Hz, which is widely supported by monitors but less widely supported by general TVs. It’s only useful for diagnostics.

Mine is a blue one without an inbuilt screen.