Pronounciation question

How is LIVERY pronounced? Livery as in, liver is for dinner. Or, LIVEry as in Live wire?

Liver as in the food.

Thanx! I heard it the LIVE way and thought “That ain’t right” thanx again

The real question is:

Is it pro-NOWN-cee-a-shun or is it pro-NUN-cee-a-shun

Homer and George Dub like to cal it NEW-Q- LER :wink:

Homer says Lie-Bear-Y. :slight_smile: m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m liebeary. ( imagines a waffle cookbook )


Is it: Damn E Rah ssss
OR: Dah Me Rose
OR: Day Mi Rows

Spanish: Dah Me rrrrrrrrros

Backwards: Sore Oh Me Damn

Two ways of pronouncing it (the second one is preferred):
dah me ross
Your royal benevolent dictator of the world

I’m not even gonna dignify that with a response!*

*Note: this message does not count as a response. It is merely an informative posting to show others I do not wish to respond to such nonsensical bullshit.
We now resume your local programming…

That’s what I like! A non-response response. Are you becoming a politician and/or bureaucrat? :laughing: