Is there a website where I can find how to prononce airlines


I need to know how to pronounce some airlines correctly and doesn’t help. :frowning:


Which airlines?


Untied = think of your shoes…


like eithad and lufthansa emirates etc.


Etihad = “Et” (short E, rhymes with bet) “E” (long E, like “bee”) “had”


luf tans sa
em i rates


No, the correct pronunciation is Luft [Looft] (the German word for air) and Hansa [HanSa] (after the German Hanseatic League).


I actually put in an extra space. It should be luf tansa (the “T” is in the second syllable and there is an almost unnoticeable pronunciation of the “H”). Emphasis is on the first syllable. (in German - skip to about 1:08, 2:01, 3:13 and other locations)

bizarrebananablast: You may wish to enter (name of airline) youtube commercial into Google to find ads about that airline. You should be able to get the correct pronunciation in the ads.


Thanks for the help,rw812 It actually works, and again I thank you for answering most of my other questions.




cm5299 I don’t get it? :confused: