Profile picture License Agreement

On my stats page if I select ‘Edit profile picture’ then ‘Upload a profile picture’ there is a note which says “All content is subject to the License Agreement”. It’s not clear but it looks like that is referring to a Gravatar document, not a FlightAware document. However it’s a broken link to a script which does nothing. To which License Agreement is it referring and where can I read it? Thanks.


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Does anyone from FlightAware Staff know the answer to this please? Thanks.

I tried duplicating your issue (note I do not work for FA). It seems the link appears when you follow the link to upload an image. This appears to be Flightaware functionality and not Gravatar functionality. The code in question is attempting to call a license() function, but that function does not exist. My object inspector gives this error: “TypeError: license is not a function. (In ‘license()’, ‘license’ is an instance of HTMLDivElement)”

It appears this is a bug that probably resulted from a site code change. Here is a link to TOS:

Also, it seems likely the license is probably the same as the general upload license agreement, since you can select one of the photos you have already uploaded. If you go to the upload page, there is a link to the OLD upload page. At the old upload page, there is a link to the license agreement that works. That link is

Here it is copied/pasted:

FlightAware Media License

Do not submit content you do not own (e.g., work belonging to someone else or that you found on the Internet).

Any submitted content must not infringe on the trademark, copyright, or patent rights of any third party. FlightAware has the right to moderate, modify, or delete any and all images or media without prejudice.
Image Ownership

The owner/submitter of any content continues to retain ownership to the submitted content.
FlightAware License

You grant FlightAware a worldwide, royalty-free, unlimited, irrevocable license to use, transmit, distribute, and sell any submitted content.

Thanks ExCalbr, I suspect the avatar upload is referencing the same thing. It’s concerning because it’s worded specifically as License Agreement, it states that I am bound by it, but FlightAware’s site appears to have no such named document. I wondered if it was a Gravatar document because by default the icon comes from Uploading a test avatar sees it hosted on So it’s a bit of a script code and wording bug which should be tidied up to make it meaningul.

I’ve asked the web team to look into this so we can get this tidied up. Thanks for pointing it out.

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