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Problems with FlightAware as a second feed

I am new to this so bear with me!

As I am mainly interested in military flights (I don’t think FlightAware tracks military flights does it?) I started by installing the ADBS Exchange image on a Raspberry Pi - it has been running for a few days now with no problem.

I have now added PiAware via the command line as a second feed. All seem fine until I try to access local date via the http://raspberry-pi-local-ip:8080

I get a server not found. I know ADSB Exchange uses port 80 and port 3000 for its local data.

Is there any way to access the FlightAware local data??


There is no difference between the local data.

The local interface presented by dump1090-fa can’t be installed standalone and you shouldn’t try to replace the existing decoder. (which installing dump1090-fa would do)

But tar1090 is not too dissimilar from the dump1090-fa interface so not sure you really need it … some might even say tar1090 is nicer :wink:

In regards to MLAT by default you will see adsbexhange and FA MLAT results in your local interface.