problem with racking flights?? help!


hi guys im new to this site and before i continue id like to say it is a superb site well done to the people who made it! im just having problems with tracking my flights i would like to track pakistan international airlines PK702 from mnachester to islamabad and PK701 from Islambad to manchetser! i have seen on one flight there is also a moving plane and when you refresh the page it all chages aswell it says distance to destination and shows a plane moving like you see in the planes! but in the PIA flights it doesnt say that it just has a bit of information :frowning: anyone help me please thanks !


FlightAware doesn’t have reliable support for international flight to/from the US and has essentially no support for flights conducted exclusively outside of the US.


In its current form, FlightAware only tracks flights to or from the United States. Even then, the info gets murky once these flights leave US airspace (or before they enter it).


Daniel, you beat me to it. I need to work on typing more quickly!! :wink: