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Problem with flightaware drive dump1090,

For about 3 weeks that this problem has been presented, out of nowhere it gives me a dump1090 error and under the web it gives me this error (AJAX call Failed error not found), you have to turn it off for a while and then turn it on there it works well or many times Nor does it work, I have noticed that through the plastic it is possible to perceive a white light that must be from the unit where the antenna is connected since when the fault occurs it is off, I turn off the equipment and again it turns on sometimes very opaque or it starts flashing like losing voltage and turns off without working, and again the same process until it works can be a couple of hours working fine and again the same problem, I wrote to the support and they gave me an answer that really does not have Nothing to do with what I expected, I answered them and until now, no answer, no solution is left for me, finally here in the forum, someone can help me if I don’t have to turn off the unit forever :frowning:

You have a FlightFeeder; please email adsbsupport@flightaware.com and they can walk you through diagnostics. (please try to explain the problem clearly in your email and say that you have a FlightFeeder)

I sent them an email with the details for 2 weeks they have not responded to this report number
Request # 381152

What’s was their diagnosis,then? If they say the feeder is ok, maybe it is a network problem?

@josemiguelrodriguez I’ve responded to your support ticket

Eric, thank you very much for your email, I did what you told me and now it is working without a problem without any error, anyway I will leave it connected to see how it behaves, as soon as I have the final results I will send you the photos as evidence to the email


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Eric sent you an email with all the details again I failed the unit after 20 minutes