Problem Feeding Data with FlightFeeder Box.

Hello, since 6 days ago my FF Box was not feeding data to FlightAware, the strange thing that i note it´s that the feeder check-in shows Live but Data Feed is not working, the web interface that works in LAN, when i try to view, the browser shows “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” and the local web page is not working also :confused:
Another thing that i note is the FFBox was updated from v5.5 to v6.4.

I´ve tried to pull out power from PS, but not still working :cry: .

My Site ID is 1160.

Please if you can help me, i appreciate it.

Regards, Ignacio.


We are working on fixing this issue for you.

A case has been assigned on your behalf (Case #54378). Someone will reach out to you shortly.

Your patience is appreciated.

Best regards,