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Pro Stick + compatibility

I just need to verify if the Pro Stick + is compatible with ‘generic’ versions of dump1090, or is it specific to the PiAware software?


Just a normal rtl-sdr supported chipset. (the stick has extra features as in amplifier and filter).
It’s not specific to dump1090-fa.

Great, Thanks! I like the extra amp and filter but the unit I’m building will not be connected to the internet so I just need the data output.

dump1090-fa runs fine without internet connection.

So do the various custom interfaces and graphs for dump1090-fa :wink:
For the installation, connection to the internet would help though.

The piaware sd-card image also runs fine without internet.
While it doesn’t feed, it should still display the planes via local network just fine.

It will work offline, but you might not have a full map as this is usually loaded via Internet.
That’s the only thing which might be limited while offline

That’s a dump1090 limitation and for other interfaces as well.

Forgot to mention that.
Nothing to do with the stick though.

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Right. We’ll be implementing a local map display once I get the data. Thanks for the info!