Posting troubles

When I try to post a cut & paste from some other story and post it I get the following error at the bottom of the page and at the top it says Debug error

Line : 282
File : functions_post.php


Whatever you’re trying to copy and paste contains nonstandard characters, like fancy quotes or em dashes. Post a link instead and we can read the story at the original source.

Thanks, I didn’t think there was anything special, at least not showing. It was a quote from an email newsletter.

If you do want to post the article itself, it can be done but it takes some work on your part.

Method 1
Go through the article and replace all long dashes with the dash on your keyboard. Replace all curly quotation marks (both single and double) with the quotation mark shown on your keyboard.
Replace any accented letters with the regular letter on your keyboard

Method 2
Copy-and-paste your text into a blank word processor file (I’m using Word. The following steps may be different in your word processor)
File, save as
select MS Dos. You’ll get a message saying the text mark in red will not save correctly
Close the file you just saved and open again. Make any changes necessary
Copy-and-paste into your posting.

THANKS… That will be the best way, I didn’t think about that. WhenI look at it, I don’t see any of those things that you mentioned.

No cut and paste on this one.

Error in posting


INSERT INTO phpbb_posts_text (post_id, post_subject, bbcode_uid, post_text) VALUES (87295, ‘Re: U.S. Airlines Flying Between Two Points In Foreign Nations?’, ‘81975d55e7’, ’

is it legal/would it be permitted for a U.S. airline to fly between two points in a foreign nations?

Unless you’‘re talking about Texas. Then it’‘s called the Southwest Rule.’)

Line : 282
File : functions_post.php


I changed the double apostrophes to single and the below looks OK.

Unless you’re talking about Texas. Then it’s called the Southwest Rule.

But when you hit Reply it always adds double apostrophes including the quote above.