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Possible to tap my own PiAware for use in my AirScout program?

Hi folks, been a FlightAware feeder for a year now… i am wondering if i can “tap” my own PiAware to feed a program i just discovered called AirScout ( + SpectrumLab).

AirScout plots flights on a map. It then plots likely VHF/UHF reflection paths for amateur radio use.

In other words, say i want to try hearing a CW beacon in Sacramento 125 miles from me. Line-of-sight is not possible, there are lots of mountains in the way. But an airliner, when it crosses my line of sight but up at 30,000 ft, may reflect a radio signal so i can hear it, if only briefly.

AirScout does get a default air traffic feed from somewhere, but i’ve noticed that my PiAware is seeing quite a bit more. If i can feed my dump1090-fa (or something) to the AirScout via UDP or TCP or some other way, it would help my experiments with radio.

So is this possible or permitted with PiAware. Thanks from Orrin WN1Z in Susanville Calif.

You talking this program? http://www.airscout.eu/

Their FAQ states http://www.airscout.eu/faq.html

But i checked http://www.airscout.eu/downloads/AirScout_V1_2_0_0_EN.pdf and it seems on page 32 it lists the AVR protocol.
You pi should offer that protocol on port 30002 (binary=false) and 30005 (binary=true).

I’m not sure if either one works you could also try a json file input, your pi serves one for the local map, it is located here:
Replace pi with the IP of your pi.

Good luck.
The AVR and beast data on those ports are received locally and completely yours, so no problem using them, they don’t come from flightaware.
The json file contains MLAT positions as well, those are only meant for personal use not publication.

wiedehopf, yes that is the app. Thanks for your valuable hints.

I’m going to have to find other users of AirScout. The configuration is too difficult for me.


Can you find the config page where it says AVR, select that and send me a screenshot?

i’ll probably be able to tell you what to put in.

I will do that right now.

Meanwhile, look at this! It appears that AirScout is being used to predict a path for a commercial WFM radio station. This will make things easier for me – not having to arrange contacts with an individual person. https://www.rtl-sdr.com/demonstration-of-predicting-aircraft-scatter-with-air-scout/

Looking at your flightaware stats i’m not sure your own receiver will be very useful as you don’t really have that much range.
Not really familiar at what ranges the plane typically needs to be for this kind of bouncing radio waves.

Are you limited by terrain? What dongle/antenna are you running?

I’m thinking i would try to receive reflected signals from Sacramento and Reno ( ~ 125 and 75 miles distant), and the midpoints of those distances are well within my PiAware range. No?

I am in a kind of isolated area (Susanville) which is surrounded (blissfully) by lots of mountains. I can’t receive WFM stations from outside my area, nor CW beacons on 144 MHz.

I’m getting the screenshots ready to post.


I see :slight_smile: Yeah quite some terrain!

I guess the page i was reading was just talking about getting max range for bouncing to create records or something. But i don’t see why it wouldn’t talk at shorter ranges :slight_smile:

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In AirScout, under Options -> Planes -> Plane Feeds, i see these screens. I don’t see AVR as an option but i’m not sure. Thanks for looking at this.

Let me know if the two images uploaded OK.


Let me know the available settings for rtl1090 data the last possible selection.

Put in the following:
Server: Correction it of course needs to be the IP of your Raspberry Pi
Port: 30002
binary: false

Not sure how he update interval works, 60 seconds seems a little long but maybe better leave it default.

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I think your settings are working!! Thanks for the help. Here is a shot of the settings i put in. The AirScout status bar explicitly tells me that it is getting information from my “local adsb receiver” and i see planes on my screen. But possibly only the planes that will intersect my line-of-sight with the desired remote location.

Now, to arrange my cables & antennas for the frequency(ies) i want. I’ll see if attic antennas will give me enough signal, possibly not. Apartment living with no external antennas allowed. My ADSB antenna is on the ground floor near my south window, so most (but not all) my PiAware data is to my southeast.