Please explain about filed_ete, filed_departuretime and esti



Can I get explanation on filed_ete, filed_departuretime and estimatedarrival time?

I am thinking that if filed_ete is the estimated duration, then if I convert filed_ete to seconds, technically

estimatedarrivaltime - filed_departuretime = filed_ete

but it is not the same.

There are about 10-15 minutes difference


filed_ete is the estimated time enroute at the time the flight plan was filed.

filed_departuretime is the scheduled time of departure.

Although it is not directly exposed, you can compute the equivalent of a “filed_arrivaltime” by calculating filed_departuretime + filed_ete.

estimatedarrivaltime will initially be very close to the filed_arrivaltime, but estimatedarrivaltime is dynamic and will change prior to departure and while the flight is enroute to reflect delays or differences in airspeed.


If a flight is delayed does this change the filed_departure time? Or does filed_departure stay static and then to calculate the how late the departure was do this (actualdeparturetime - filed_departuretime)

Please advise thanks!


filed_departuretime is static and corresponds to the filed time for the IFR flight plan. And yes you can see the delay by comparing actualdeparturetime to filed_departuretime.


Hi, I’m calculating the delay of a flight like this: (actualdeparturetime - filed_departuretime)

Then I compare it on this link

Most often the result of the calculation corresponds to the delay marked in the link, other times there is a very high difference, other times the link does not report any delay.

Some advice?