ETE for IFR Flight Plans

I notice when I file an IFR flight plan with whatever estimated time enroute, FlightAware substitutes its own ETE. Why is this? Aside from whether, as pilot in command, I generally know better, I certainly know better in cases where I am planning to do some training involving multiple approaches or other operations. I think it would be better for FlightAware to use the filed ETE.

When are you noticing it changing? Right after filing, or while enroute?

For example,see … /KASH/KPEO.

I filed for departure at 10:45 with an enroute of 2:45. FlightAware says:

Scheduled: 10:45AM EDT
Scheduled: 01:19PM EDT

Where did 1:19 come from? It should have been 1:30. And I never file with odd minutes, but FlightAware always has them.

Many times the FAA will update ETAs, ETEs, etc, pre-departure, which we will then update with a new scheduled arrival time.

OK, thanks, will add that to the “mystery” file. You guys are terrific, thanks for making our lives easier in so many ways.

Thank you for the regards and for using FlightAware. Flight tracking can be much more difficult than it seems or should be sometimes.

ETMS thought you’d leave 10 min late, but make it in 2h29m30s.

Boston Center thought you’d leave 10 min late, but make it in 2h34m32s

So we added 10:45a scheduled departure to 2h34m32s enroute to get your 1:19:32p scheduled arrival.