PlanePlotter connection to PiAware

Hi, How do I setup Planeplotter on my PC ( to get the data from my PiAware ( port 8080)?


In PP, select options/Input Output
Check Mode S/ADSB and select RTL>Rpi+dump1090
allow auto mlats
allow raw data fro mlats
Check udp/ip from net
UDP/IP local port 9742

In PP select options/Mode S Receiver
Select RTL dongle Rpi dump1090 and configure client

At least that is how mine is set up as a PP ground station - I took your IP address from your note. If you are going to be a ground station you will need to enable port forwarding on your router for port 9742 to forward to

Good luck

Wow, Thanks you, I am not sure I would have find at out by trial and errors. I’ll gave you a feedback as soon as it is setup.

Many Thanks.

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Once again, thanks, it’s working. I need to get to know the program, but for the time being it’s receiving data and I am sharing wtih FlightAware.

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If you become more involved in PlanePlotter, you might try look into joining the planeplogger forum at and the planeplotter group at

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Ok, for the group and Yahoo.

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This method worked! THANK YOU!!!

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Very helpful, thank you!

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