Plane Type Data Missing

Would anyone know why some of the plane type data is missing the last couple of days? Seems to be mostly on flights originating in Europe.


What’s an example flight? We do not have aircraft type for most intra-Europe flights. For Europe->US, we don’t always have it right away.

Here is just one airline example. AFR DLH and BAW also have many missing

Following that link, I see the same lack of AC info on several flights. Several were to Canadian or Mexican destinations, which I’ll ignore. But I see two to US destinations:

KLM663 in flight now with no AC type at all in the table next to the map; it has defaulted to B737/Q in the Activity Log table below, and on the map, but that’s bogus.
Same flight 7/25
Same flight 7/23
Same flight 7/21
… and perhaps further back.

KLM601 in flight now with no AC type in the table next to the map; it has defaulted to B744 on the map but not in the Activity Log table below. Oddity: there are 3 manifestations of this flight today. I’m guessing the first was delayed to become the 2nd one that’s in flight, but I’m not sure whether the 3rd (9pm CEST departure) will go also.
Same flight from 7/23

We have some new versions of all this stuff on the development side that’ll be out in the next week or two and I’ll make sure these are addressed.

Also, I believe KLM may actually operate a 737 on some of those routes under the PrivatAir brand.

KLM663/4 is always BBJ HB-JJA.
SWR18/9 is always BBJ2 HB-IIR.
DLH488/9 is always BBJ HB-IIQ*

  • Well it was until 14 July when the flight finished.