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Plane Fishtailing?

Though I am not a pilot, I have always being attracted to aviation. I have been a passenger in planes since I was little child and now at 64, I thought I had experienced every possible scenario you can have while being a passenger in a commercial airline. On a recent flight from New Orleans to Las Vegas with Spirit Airlines, I lived an experience I have never had before. The aircraft traveled to the runaway for departure and just before the plane was straight on the runaway with the nose at an angle to it, the pilot put all engines to full throttle and we started going down to take off. Almost immediately we felt a little jolt to one side that sent every passenger toward that direction, then one on the opposite direction and getting worst and worst by the second. It just felt like a driver trying to stay on the road by over steering. I have never heard passengers scream at a departure. What was this all about? Was this condition dangerous?

Maybe the captain underestimated the impact of cross-acceleration to the cabin.

I had this several times that the pilot push the engines right while the aircraft is not yet straight to the runway. But nobody screamed so far.

I flew numerous times too, and several times the pilot applied the max throttle right after that last turn.
It never did what you are describing and I agree that certainly wasn’t pleasant. Did you file a notice or a complaint with the airline?

I would also ask this question to somebody like Mentour Pilot: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpHKudUkP5tNgmMdexB3ow

I did not file a complaint as I was not sure the nature of this event. But I can assure you just before the wheels left the ground that I thought we were going to end somewhere in the ground as how bad it got at the end…