Plane Crash (NW Arkansas)

A small plane has crashed in the Brentwood Mountain area south of West Fork, AR according to the sheriffs office. Looks like 4 fatalities.

They said it was a Beech single engine.

A little more on the accident…no other updates at this posting. … -arkansas/

According to that article, it was an A36.

I’m guessing this is the aircraft in question: N1085D.
It was the only 36 I could find out of KHOT and it was heading for KFYV, which happens to be in NW Arkansas, and appears to come up a little bit short of destination. Registered as an A36 to Cooper Aviation LLC (last name of deceased) in Hot Springs. Maybe an arrival message was sent early, as I know that happens sometimes. Note the last 3 minutes of the tracklog, it goes from 170 to 135 back to 181 kts. Makes me wonder, especially with that little hook at the end of the track… I’ll save the speculation for another time. KFYV weather at time of crash was 1500 broken, 2000 overcast, temp 36F/dew 30F.


You seem to have guessed correctly on the tail number. I did a Google search for the number and turned up several references to this accident.