Piper Moving HQ


Has anyone heard if Piper has made a decision on if they are staying in Vero Beach or moving to Albacracky or OKC?

Vero Beach media (paper) is claiming that Piper is staying in VB. Only answers I can get out of OKC are “if Piper is staying, they have yet to tell us”. I emailed Piper and they are pretty tight lipped about it.

Hey Dami, miss me? :laughing:


He lives! Where have you been?


New job (same company), lots of acquisitions, and for a while, this entire site was blocked (stupid IT guys…NO OFFENSE FA GURUS!!)


WTH you been Pik!!!

Good to see you back. http://www.z4-forum.com/forum/images/smilies/happyclap.gif


Maybe they could move it to Wichita. They are really in need of a airplane company headquarters their. :laughing:


That’s cold. Funny, but cold. http://www.z4-forum.com/forum/images/smilies/icecream.gif


Wichita and Sedgwick County are meeting tomorrow to review their latest corporate welfare promises to Cessna. We’ll see how that goes…

The pipe dream about Bombardier building in KC (near KMCI) is still circulating, too. :unamused:


Wish one of them would come here. :unamused: