AOPA Convention


Are any of you pilot/owners/lurkers/wannabes going?

I’ll be there all day Friday and with my spouse on Sat for the a couple of programs. I want to spend a day oogling, bargaining and buying stuff without my spouse tugging at my sleeve or knowing what I am doing. . …

Since I live in the HFD area I can be a wealth of knowledge about stuff . . .


OK, didn’t feel like starting a new thread for basically the same question. MMOPA is here in Tulsa Oct 17-21. Anyone going to that?


Some FlightAware people (I’m included) will be at AOPA tomorrow through Friday. Look for FlightAware shirts.


… and the tiger walking around with the big grin.


piper matrix (an affordable malibu)
skyhawk that can hold jet fuel (as an option)

others listed on ANN NEWS


Look for the table from the Flying W airport. Call the tall one “shrek”.


Then RUN!