AOPA RTFP being retired


Seems that online flight planners may be that wave of the future.

Received a newsletter from AOPA in my email alerting me to a flight planner being beta tested now. Coming out of beta in about a week per message on the online flight planner.

Hope that Flight Aware will offer the same graphical features on the route map with better response performance then AOPA. :wink: is the link. A DUAT(S) account is required for weather briefings and flight plan filing and I’d suspect an AOPA account will be needed to access the above link.

The huge difference I see (besides the eye candy) from the offline AOPA flight planner and the new online planner is that I can store routes (wasn’t available on the offline version)

Lots of good eye candy within the AOPA flight planner. Downside to this eye candy is that it does slow down the planner as a whole.

The offline version of the RTFP AOPA planner looks to be shut down in January 2009. That program truly has been a workhorse in my past flight planning activities


And is starting a site to share aviation photos. They’ll even award a $100 gift card weekly for the photo their staff picks as the “best” of the week.

Seems that all the aviation websites, including our beloved FA, are trying to be all things to all comers.


At least the FA system works with the Mac OS. Can’t say that about AOPA.


Assuming you are talking about the web based version, have you even contacted them to let them know?

It’s clearly beta, but if you don’t let them know they will never know.

I don’t think web based versions of any flight planner I have come across ever even cared about OS, thus the beauty of web based applications, but I am in the majority of the operating world of IBM based system.


Now I see why you like their pictures…


You’ve outed me Rob, I’ve got a thing about glass panels! :laughing:


Just remember, somebody will have to clean the nose smudge marks off that glass. :stuck_out_tongue:


Which is why fluffy dogs are best!

Their coats absorb more Windex. :wink:


First ever canine Kingair copilot?