Pipe External Beast output to piaware | MLAT | Docker

Hey y’all, hope everyone is doing well, I have a few questions regarding piaware, MLAT & Docker. Hope you could help me to find the Answer.

a. I have a raspberry pi which I used to run with piaware OS with RTL-SDR as the source. Later I switched to relay by converting the data from other adsb receiver to beast and piped it into the piaware OS and it worked fine. Regarding something I now want to change the OS to Raspbian from piaware OS. I’ve installed piaware software and installed dump1090-fa with it. i changed the settings the same as piaware OS at /etc/piaware.conf. For some reason, I’m not sure the skyaware map did not populate with the aircraft data but the beast data was sent to the FlightAware server is shown in my adsb stats. Now how can fix this situation?

b. I’ve done the same thing in the above installation by installing the piaware in docker and setting it to relay. Now I’ve faced with 2 problems. one, I cannot find the skyaware web page in the browser though I have set the output port. two the data was not sent out to the server thought I can confirm that the docker had access to beast data by checking in the netcat. i even checked with other docker image of mikenye/piaware. i was able to access the web page for that particular image but not mine, So again how can i fix this situation.

sudo docker run -d -t -p 8083:8080 --privileged --name piaware --restart unless-stopped --volume /home/admin/doc:/home debian sleep infinity

a. I saw a video on youtube where this person streams GPS data from phone to gpsd via the network. when I tried this i was able to get a gps fix and didn’t got the MLAT green on the piaware OS. is there a reason for it.

b. Can a Neo-6M GPS module helps in getting MLAT Sync in piaware? and do the Flightaware server support it as it use GPS instead of GNSS. or is it mandatory to have a module which supports GNSS for MLAT?

The piaware image manages the config of various services (dump1090-fa, beast-splitter, etc) to provide relay mode. If you’re not using the piaware image, then we don’t mess with whatever configuration you have and you will need to ensure that everything has been configured appropriately yourself.

(The short version is that relay mode works by running beast-splitter to connect to the external source and provide data locally on port 30005, and also to relay data to local port 30104; then dump1090-fa is configured to run in net-only mode and accept data on port 30104; dump1090-fa also populates the local SkyAware display off that relayed data. See https://github.com/flightaware/piaware-support/blob/master/scripts/generate-receiver-config)

No, mlat with a rtlsdr doesn’t care about GNSS or GPS-synchronized timing, you just need to ensure you have an accurate location set for your piaware site.

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Thank you for the info. i understand the workings of the script but I don’t know how to configure the generate-receiver-config in the pi so It can generate the output based on the configuration in piaware.conf file. can you please explain how to do it

You don’t, generate-receiver-config is only really intended for use on piaware sdcard images.

On a non-piaware-image, you’d need to directly configure /etc/default/beast-splitter, /etc/default/dump1090-fa yourself with settings similar to what generate-receiver-config does.