Pilot who buzzed Santa Monica Pier gets jail time


Completing this thread from last year:
discussions.flightaware.com/view … onica+pier

This story about the pilot’s sentence from the LA Times. With a bonus photo of the jet!!

latimes.com/news/local/la-me … 5496.story


and the pilot who buzzed a Texas beach in his diamond loses license . . .

photos, video, story.


Yeah, a guy who can afford to own and fly an Albatros is fined $900, that’ll teach him!

N.B.: “Court Judge Harold I. Cherness, however, stayed the jail sentence pending an appeal.”



The community service has no time off for good behavior, unlike a jail sentence…he will perform 8 hours/day for 60 days…on top of a penalty that has a $1K max fine…he got the max for time, and 90% of the fiscal fine.

also, he was found guilty on a rarely used UTILITES law…not public safety law.


I did read the Fracking article, my comment spoke to the overall leniency of the sentences given.

60 days of standing around the beach with an idiot stick in his hands? I remember when we called that a vacation.

He should have a very nice pre-cancerous glow by the time he finishes his service.