Picture of the destroyed AN-225

A Ukrainian service member walks in a front of an Antonov An-225 Mriya cargo plane, the world’s biggest aircraft, destroyed by Russian troops as Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues, at an airfield in Hostomel, Ukraine, on April 2. (Stringer/Reuters)

A Ukrainian service member touches the nose of the Antonov AN-225 on April 2. (Vadim Ghirda/AP)

“Goodbye, old friend.”

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There’s a tour of Hostomol airport by one of Antonov’s pilots after it was liberated: АЭРОПОРТ ГОСТОМЕЛЬ. Здесь был "русский мир" - YouTube
Turn on captions for English subtitles.

The damage to the airport is quite extensive with many damaged and destroyed aircraft. The damage to the An-225 is so severe that it’s highly unlikely it will ever be restored. It would effectively be a ground up rebuild with maybe some reused components, but it would probably be more cost effective to use the other partially complete airframe.

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New pictures, reported as taken yesterday

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It looks like their entire fleet was destroyed!

The fleet is much larger. Some AN-124 are currently flying.

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At least they are thinking about it:

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Anybody is entitled to an opinion, same goes for your point of view. So I would recommend to leave everybody in their value instead of calling posts disgusting.

Most people here are not in favor of the russians indeed, but that’s not the same as telling lies. As far as I can determine people are posting news items from news agencies stating the fact that the aircraft is destroyed by the russian forces.

Maybe you are in favor of the russians, that’s your right to do so, but it doesn’t call for the reaction you posted.

Fact is that the AN-225 is destroyed and there is little hope on rebuilding this aircraft.
Maybe the second airframe can be finished but even that isn’t certain.
Time will tell if this great aicraft will be seen in the skies again.

Mate, what’s your problem?

It’s about a damaged aircraft. Nobody asked how, when, why and who.
So step back for a moment and have a beer

The economic crisis in Turkey will not allow them carry out any expensive projects.


They are lot more things between an “announcement” and an “action”