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PiAware unstable after DST ended

Good morning,

Ever since DST ended my PiAware has not been able to stay up for more than a couple hours (I cannot be certain as to exactly how long, but it seems to last more than an hour). I updated the system time to my local time zone (Central USA) and that didn’t correct the problem.

Is anybody else experiencing this issue?


I suspect the daylight saving timing is just a coincidence. What are the symptoms? Are you familiar with how to ssh in?

Ok. It seems like my problem lies with the RPi itself.

I apply power to the RPi and it boots normally and starts PiAware. After a number of hours I can no longer access the feed via the web interface and I notice an anomaly is marked on my Stats page. I have logged into the RPi to restart PiAware, but the web interface is still unable to connect. If I reset power to the RPi everything boots up as normal, but the feeder continues to fall offline again in a few hours.

I am new to command line computing so I haven’t come across SSH just yet. Any tips are appreciated. I really don’t want to plug my tracker into a timer to turn it off and on every couple hours. That seems wrong. :slight_smile:

Off this topic, but is there a chance that anomalies on a tracker can trigger an Alert to be emailed to the user?

I posted instructions on how to automatically reboot the raspberry pi if it looses network connection or if it locks up. That would be a lot safer than putting it on a timer for a hard reset.


However, you probably want to get to the root of the problem. First log on to the raspberry pi and make sure that the time is correct. I have had problems with certain programs on my laptop working correctly when I change timezones. Since you think it started happening after DST then it is worth checking. While you are at it, reboot your router, and check the time on it as well (if you can).

Lastly, what type of router are you using? I know from personal experience that some netgear routers can drop wireless devices. The devices still see the internet but the router does not list them as being on the network. Consequently, other devices cannot see them. Eventually the devices get dropped all together. The workaround involves dropping the connection speed.