I have to reset the router in PiAware


I set PiAware with the correct IP Address and everything works fine until, suddenly, I lose the connection. I have to reset the router for the connection to work again. All my other devices linked to the router work correctly, only PiAware presents this problem. Help please. (I use Wi-Fi on PiAware)


Can you SSH into the PiAware box and read the log file /var/log/syslog?


Hi David. Sorry but I don’t understand what you are telling me to try.


Just to confirm something Yves, so you don’t have to reboot the Pi - you just reboot your router?



Right, just the router.


When you set the Pi up in the first place how did you see what it was doing? Did you plug a mouse, keyboard and screen in to it?

If you are able to access the Pi after it has lost connection we might be able to see what the problem is; not sure why rebooting the router resolves the problem.

Do you know if your Pi is fixed IP or just gets given an IP address by the router?



If using DHCP, check the lease time. It may be too short, if so, increased it.

If this is a long term setup, reserve the IP for the RPi. This way there is no guessing when trying to access it.

I do this with all my permanent network enabled devices.


Reserving the IP was the solution! All’s good now!


Fixed IP always a good option but curious why failing initially. Networks usually work so well that we don’t bother learning much about them - until it goes wrong :sunglasses: