rPi3 and PiAware on Raspbian Linux 3.0.4 not accessing WiFi

Everything loads fine but I can’t connect to the wifi. The message is [dhcpcd not running] when clicking the little pc’s on the GUI.
Accessed the /boot/piaware-config.txt and added the wifi Id and password plus change the wifi no for yes. Reboot and nothing. changed.
Any suggestions? Thank you.

The GUI will not report a wi-fi connection as piaware is directly configuring it.

What is your hardware?
Did you capitalise the SSID correctly?

Ok that was the problem using the GUI. Now via terminal all is OK.
One more question the initial wifi ip was and I can see this on the stat page. As I need an static Ip jut changed to, it works locally but on my stat page the change is not done and it keeps the .132 and of course no feeds reported.
How do I refresh it?


restart piaware and it should update the website with the latest IP address.


On my stat page I see my initial site and have
MAC= b8:27:eb:0e:70:76 ( /
That is the MAC for the Pi ethernet.

Now I changed the setup to static ip and wireless so the MAC for that is
MAC= b8:27:eb:5b:25:23 /( /

I dissociated the first on FA but it keep showing up on reboot with message that is not working.

The wireless is not associating with FA. How I make the first to go away and the other to appear? I have reboot several times.
and the system is working fine and I can see it on fine.

Thank you.

piaware always uses the MAC address of the wired ethernet, even if you are connecting via wireless.

Good to know about the unique MAC, but I changed the IP to .150 and the stat page is keeping the .132. How could I force a refresh?

Showing now: b8:27:eb:0e:70:76 ( / but it should be

Thank you for the response.


It is not updating because your receiver is not connected to FlightAware. It will update automatically when you successfully connect. Check /var/log/piaware.log for errors.

You can also check the landing/status page (ipaddressofpi/) for an overview; I expect that will currently be telling you it’s not connected to FlightAware.

What specific file is getting displayed with this. I have lighttpd doing other redirections so I’m guessing that it’s something I did (so much for being an “advanced user”). :confused:

/var/www/html/index.html, part of the piaware-web package. If you have messed with the lighttpd config all bets are off.

Thank you. That’s a handy utility when you’re trying to determine the status of the system. I just had to install it from github and make a minor tweak to my lighttpd.conf. My specific issue was not realizing it was a separate install from the latest piaware.

Ah right, sorry, thought you were talking about a sdcard image. It’s one of the support packages that makes up the sdcard but it’s not part of the core piaware feeder itself.