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Piaware - save snapshot of Skyview

Hi there!

My first post after getting my station online a week ago.

Question: have anyone succeeded with taking automated snapshots (to, for example a .png file) of Skyview?

Background: I’m tuning wi-fi and see occasional radar detections in wi-fi access points running on 5GHz DFS channels (typically due to being exposed to weather radar from a nearby flight). I’d like to take a snapshot of Skyview whenever radar is detected to have input to my troubleshooting.

I would like to accomplish this using Debian on a Raspberry PI (not necessarily the one running piaware) - I have experimented some with “xvfb” and “cutycapt” but the image is captured prematurely even though I’ve attempted to use cutycapt’s “–delay=” argument.

Any input is welcome!

It might be simpler to take a copy of aircraft.json and/or the history_*.json files directly, since that’s the only stateful thing about skyview.

selenium or phantomjs (not sure of the current state of phantomjs) might be other options

Thanks. Will pursue that lead!

Just need to figure out how to grab the raw data and wash out nearby flights and their altitude & headings.

I assume Google will provide some examples…

You could just run a headless VNC server on the pi, open the web interface in a webserver and then somehow automate screenshotting on there.

I suppose you could also modify the webinterface to display a single aircraft.json.

On you trigger just doing:
cp /run/dump1090-fa/aircraft.json /home/pi/whatever/$(date +%F_%T).json

should do the trick in regards to getting the aircraft.json.

Thanks, again. This seem like a very useful forum. Will revert once I have something flying…

I’m very interested in this as well! Would love to have my system trigger a screenshot when “interesting” flights were going over. Or, as someone pointed out, somehow have the ability to re-run a JSON file back through the webserver to get a point-in-time recreation.

Thanks, again. This seem like a very useful forum.