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PiAware on Mobile Broadband

Hi everyone

Has anyone had any experience with PIAWARE on a mobile broadband connection? What was your experience and what we’re your your result and what problems did you have?

All feed back regarding your findings are appreciated. Please Don’t reply if you are going to say “Don’t do it”


What type of mobile connectivity? Bandwidth is low, latency is not an issue, and PiAware can tolerate unreliable internet, so it should work okay.

I haven’t got to a point of choosing components for this type of installation.

Any idea on what sort of dta band with I could expect for a mobile broadband instalation?


See ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/data-usage-using-flight-aware-on-a-raspberry-pi-b-t19518.html for some discussion on the bandwidth needed.

Note that the current piaware version will use less data than discussed there, as FA have added a compression mechanism.

I run one of my remote sites on a Sprint Netgear 6100D router. It uses around 600MB a month, so it doesn’t take much to remote on MBB. Not sure exactly what you are looking for, but it works just fine.