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PiAware Off-line Usage

If a PiAware installation is off-line (unable to feed data to FlightAware but still collecting data), does it cache the data and then when it can reestablish a connection to FlightAware does it send all of the data or is the data not cached?


Not currently – data is rejected if it’s too old. How long do you intend to go offline for?

I don’t plan for my Pi to go off-line but things happen like outages or if you want to make it mobile, say in a RV or campervan where internet access maybe not possible until you get stationary.

In the data, is a timestamp part of it to differentiate between real-time and older data?

What is considered too old, 4 hours?

Currently, the timestamp has to match within a second or two – we don’t currently have the way to validate data that comes late because it’s hard to verify if it’s out of sequence (delayed) as opposed to having a bogus timestamp. We can keep this in mind for a future version though.