piaware-mutability packages released

I’ve finished repackaging piaware 1.19-3 with my own policy changes.

If you’re happy with FlightAware’s 1.19-3 release then there’s no real reason to use this.
It is mostly aimed at those who want to make different policy decisions about how piaware behaves.


$ wget https://github.com/mutability/mutability-repo/releases/download/v0.1.0/mutability-repo_0.1.0_armhf.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i mutability-repo_0.1.0_armhf.deb

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get remove piaware                 # sorry, it's awkward to make the two versions coexist
$ sudo apt-get install piaware-mutability
$ sudo apt-get install dump1090-flightaware   # or dump1090-mutability, or faup1090
$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure piaware-mutability


The changes in this package are all about security / admin / privacy policy decisions, where I’ve wanted to do something different to what FlightAware’s package provided.
There were a couple of bugfixes and some code rearrangement needed along the way, but this version has fundamentally the same features as FlightAware’s version, just configured differently.

In summary this is what is done differently:

  • piaware runs as an unprivileged user, not as root

  • piaware can be configured via debconf / dpkg-reconfigure

  • config files live in /etc, not in /root

  • log files live in /var/log, not in /tmp

  • log rotation is done by logrotate, not by piaware itself

  • external commands that piaware wants to run, e.g. “restart dump1090” or “start faup1090” or “upgrade system packages”, are delegated to user-editable shellscripts in /etc/piaware.hooks

  • the default hooks will gain root access via sudo, if permitted, for the specific commands they need to run

  • there’s a sudo configuration provided that has the necessary commands (all commented out by default)

  • sending of system health information (CPU temperature etc) to FlightAware can be disabled

  • echoing of log messages to FlightAware can be disabled

Current release

piaware-mutability (1.19-3mu-1)

  • Initial release

  • Based on FlightAware piaware v1.19-3


They’re on github. Look here.

Bug reports
what are you talking about my code is PERFECT!
Create github issues, email, or post here on the forum please :slight_smile:

Working fine for me. Thanks for all the great work. I specifically like the fine-grain control you have provided.

Does this release contain lighttpd or some other web server?

It only contains the piaware package itself to install onto an existing system, it’s not a full system image. lighttpd is available as a standard raspbian package.

I guess the web server isn’t really necessary, if you’re running Virtual Radar.

To reiterate: this is a piaware package. Not dump1090, not faup1090, not lighttpd, not a sdcard image. It has piaware, piaware-config, piaware-status, and scripts to support it. It is one part of a larger system, you will need other parts to make it useful. It’s designed to be installed in addition to the dump1090-mutability package etc.

For example I install the piaware-mutability, dump1090-mutability, and lighttpd packages (+ dependencies that are autoinstalled) on my receivers.

Sounds like a very ambitious project(s), to say the least! I wish you all the best of luck.

Released piaware-mutability 1.19-3mu-2:

  • Add an overrideMAC option to allow specifying a site ID manually.

To configure this option, run “sudo dpkg-reconfigure piaware-mutability” after upgrading, and answer the new question.

apt-get installable packages available from repo.mutability.co.uk; also, there are now Ubuntu 14.04 builds available in a PPA:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ojowett/dump1090
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install piaware-mutability

Upgraded and updated, thanks for the continued work! (and the repos of course!)

Released piaware-mutability 1.20-1mu-1 (Raspbian + Ubuntu packages in the usual places)

This is mostly just a version bump to 1.20 to make the flightaware control panel happy.
Recommended upgrade path is to apt-get update / apt-get upgrade from a shell.

  • From upstream: Have piaware exit if not killed by a restart

  • Always log to stdout (redirected by the init.d script to the right place), never to /tmp, to reduce confusion when migrating from FlightAware piaware.

  • Various tweaks to try to get control-panel-driven upgrades working

Hi there - I love this particular release.

Have you any plan to upgrade from 1.2 to 2.0? These anomalies are getting annoying :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work!


I was running with dump1090-fa and piaware debs build from github.com/flightaware/piaware_builder. I built them myself to run on Ubuntu 14.04 amd64.

I tried to move to ppa:ojowett/dump1090 using the debs dump1090-mutability and piaware-mutability. I wanted to make this move due to the nicer debian/ubuntu integration including logging and the more informative json output.

However I get the following error from flightaware status:
Feeder Type: PiAware 1.20-1mu-1ubuntu1
Multilateration (MLAT): PiAware v1.20-1mu-1ubuntu1 Not Supported (Minimum v2.0)

To get MLAT support back I am now running dump1090-mutability and my original piaware deb (built from github.com/flightaware/piaware_builder).

Is it possible to fix piaware-mutability to work with the current flightaware website with MLAT?


– Ken

piaware-mutability hasn’t really had much attention recently. I’d go with the standard piaware if you can. I am slowly integrating the -mutability changes back into the main package when I can.


Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll stick with the standard piaware package for now then. The change I’d really like to see in the main version is the logging to /var/log with logrotate doing the rotation.

Is there any reason to not stick with the dump1090-mutability package?

Thanks for the great software!

– Ken

Thanks for the heads up. Less is better and I can wait.

I have this fixed in the development version of piaware (if you’re on jessie/systemd, at least)

Is there any reason to not stick with the dump1090-mutability package?

dump1090-mutability should be fine.