PiAware / FlightAware Integration - Shows Old Flights

I’m running PiAware 1.20 on a RaspberryPi. I’ve been reporting data successfully for about a month now.

When I’m on the Dump1090 web page ([flightaware.com/live/flight/(some](http://flightaware.com/live/flight/(some) flight number)

In some cases when I do the launch in context, I get flights that are old - like “This flight landed 20 weeks ago” old. For example, my installation said it saw BAW7TG, which landed a long time ago according to the site (flightaware.com/live/flight/BAW7TG).

Why is this happening? Am I getting corrupted data that is being interpreted as good? Is the operator not updating something with the relevant authorities, or what?


Many airlines, particularly in Europe, operate as a unique call sign that is different from their flight number: eurocontrol.int/services/ca … ss-service

We map most of these flights back to their flight number, but only on our web site back-end and not in the dump1090/PiAware front-end (yet).

Sometimes we screw up and it’s not mapped correctly, which is why you were able to find the flight on the site from 20 weeks ago.

We need to allow searching by ATC call sign (we have this data too) and also make both available in PiAware.