PiAware fails to check in with FA

I claimed a piAware station a couple of days ago. It went smooth for about 4 days. Then piAware stopped contributing.

I unplugged and re-plugged the device twice in the past two days, with a 30-minute break. Upon re-plugging, the pi wouldn’t´t register with FA.

The status pages shows red for FLIGHTAWARE ( Feeder has not recently checked in with FlightAware ) but green for MLAT ( MLAT synchronized ). I think it runs the 3.1 version.

I am running two piAwares. The other one has no issues and reboots usually solve crashes or other mystery-problems. The running piAware version and SD size is identical in both devices, so it shouldn’t´t be a software problem or a problem of memory shortage on the SD card. Both devices are some hundred kilometers apart and the location is set using google maps, antenna elevation is a guess.

Anybody´s got an idea why the piAware doesn’t´t want to check in with FA any more?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Check /var/log/piaware.log. From the described symptoms I would guess that you have a network problem at one site.